HerMoneyTalks is India’s first financial platform for women (“Platform”). It aims to empower women financially by connecting women to financial institutions and experts, and become a financial services and credit facilitator for women in India.

The definition of “Platform” is meant to include the HerMoneyTalks website, its associated services and products, and all its online and offline assets including but not limited to the HerMoneyTalks blog, forum, social media assets, Whatsapp groups, Telegram groups, emailing lists, and SMS lists. The terms “HerMoneyTalks” and “Platform” are used interchangeably in this policy document.

This Platform is meant to help women members (“Members“) develop awareness of personal finance topics and concepts in general. When requesting advice or opinion, please state your specific financial needs or issues clearly so that responses from other members on the Platform can be specific to your case.

Members of the Platform can, if they so wish, gain financial awareness and understanding of basic Personal Finance concepts by reading the official HerMoneyTalks Blog, which contains resources and articles on savings, funding, investment, insurance, taxation, loans, and other aspects of financial planning.

Members of the Platform can also avail the services of HerMoneyTalks Experts who are knowledgeable professionals in their respective fields and impaneled by HerMoneyTalks. However, this would be a direct relationship between the said member and the said Expert, with no involvement of or liability on part of HerMoneyTalks.

Every Member of the Platform is also encouraged to conduct their own research or engage the services of a Personal Finance expert of their choice to address their specific financial needs.


When responding to another Member’s query or request for advice on the Platform, please limit your response to the query or financial product category or asset class in question.

No public mention, promotion, or critique of any specific brand, company, financial product, or financial service is allowed. This will be strictly enforced. Limit your response to outlining the pros and cons of the financial product category or asset class. Do not unnecessarily plug in another financial product or service unless it is connected to the Original Poster’s (OP) query and can add value to her or his learning or awareness.

No spamming the Platform or its Member community with events, workshops, webinars, seminars, talks, or any other activity not conducted by or in collaboration with HerMoneyTalks without the express permission of HerMoneyTalks to do so.

No promo posts or links, spam forwards, greetings, or requests on behalf of relatives or friends that are not related to the objective of this group, are allowed. This Platform is solely meant to discuss change initiatives to bring about financial inclusion for women and thus empower them financially.

No promotion of Ponzi schemes, Multi Level Marketing (MLM) schemes, schemes involving Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, schemes that promise exorbitant returns or returns without any investment, schemes that only promise returns without explaining how they work, or other illegal schemes.

Violators of the Platform’s Community Policy or Members acting against the interests of HerMoneyTalks will be removed from the community without warning, apart from blacklisting them. Violators are also liable to face legal or other punitive action based on the severity of their misdemeanor or breach of the community’s policies or act against the interests of the Platform HerMoneyTalks.


Information, advice, or financial transactions given or undertaken by users or individual Members of the HerMoneyTalks Platform in response to queries or requests by any other Member, or given or undertaken suo moto by responding user or Member, are the personal opinion or act of the responding user or Member, and HerMoneyTalks is in no way connected to that opinion, act, or transaction, nor accepts responsibility for the same.

HerMoneyTalks will not assume any liability for any action taken or loss suffered by any Member of the Platform based on any such opinion, act, or transaction of any other user or Member of the Platform or by any expert associated with HerMoneyTalks or by any individual, firm, or entity claiming to be associated with HerMoneyTalks.

HerMoneyTalks will not assume any liability for any action taken or loss suffered by any Member of the Platform based on any information given on this website or the Platform.

Users of this website or the Platform shall keep HerMoneyTalks indemnified from any and all damages or losses arising from any action taken by the said user on account of any of the aforesaid reasons or eventualities.

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